Need a Nudge?

by adventureswithbrego

Sometimes, we need a nudge.

I’ve not heard from the doctor who evaluated me for potential new retina implant. Nor have I called about it.
“Will this really help?”
“Should we wait for newer, sleeker, better version?”

One doctor suggests I wait. What to do?

Enter Jack Benggio coming in my front door talking on his phone to his school friend, Christina Donatelli, who works in Los Angeles office of Foundation Fighting Blindness FFB underwrote research on the implant. He handed me the phone, and Christina updated me on the latest research on the implant, gene therapy, stem cell, and pharmaceutical research. She provided contact info on others who would answer my questions.
That was the nudge I needed.
With jack’s simple call, I can progress with more confidence on the decision making algorithm.

Thanks for the nudge.