Fairy Godmothers in the Living Room

by adventureswithbrego

Since we have a new daughter-in-law, I’ve wanted to freshen our living room for visits from her family and other guests.
The dining room suite was Kirk’s mothers and had lovely 20 year old fabric, but the seats sag from years of wear.
How on earth was I to arrange repair and upholstery? A friend recommended the prison upholstery shop, but that was way across town, and how would we transport six chairs in our Honda Accord? That would take two or three trips, or borrowing a truck, and when I got them there, how would I select fabric? This is not kirk’s comfort zone.
This was complicated.

Here’s the good part.

Two neighbors, retired, dazzling interior designers, mentioned they were having a garage sale to downsize their inventory.
I said, “If you have fabric that might work to recover our dining room chairs, would you hold it for me?”

After the garage sale, they came to my house with the fabric, a tape measure, and a bottle of wine–“Communion.”I think this fabric will work.”
Kirk said, “Looks good.”
We loaded six chairs in her van. ,
“I’ll take these to my house. My husband needs a weekend project. He’s been working too much.”

They said, “We may have enough fabric leftover for window treatments and a few pillows.”

Three days later, the chairs were in my living room.

now, these friends turned their attention to the windows. They squinted, measured, made notes, called each other nicknames, and smack talked while they designed new window treatments.

As they measured, they said respectfully, “We don’t want to hurt your feelings, but when we got close, we could see your drapes are faded and not worth saving or recycling. We can salvage the trim, but best to trash them.”

Good friends tell you these things.

Next visit, the husband comes with drill to dismantle existing window treatments. The grandson came along to read to Brego.

“Want to go with meto the fabric store to pick up a few accent yards?”

I’m thinking, “Why should I go to the fabric store? I can’t see anything.”

I say, “Sure. Why not?” I had not been to a fabric store in years.
As we went through the aisles, she described the colors, and I trailed my fingers along the fabrics to enjoy the textures. . We even saw a $10,000 sewing machine demonstration.

She was on a mission to find a good match on clearance. She stopped, “I found it. It’s fun and sassy just like you.”

Now, I have new window treatments, pillows, table cloths, and dining room chair seats and confidence and compliments on the new look of our living room.

Isn’t this an incredible story of wonderful neighbors?